Esmark’s Contributions to Those In Need – More Than $10 Million and Counting

Since its formation in 2003, Esmark has been an active and committed member of the communities in which it operates across the Midwest. As a family-owned and managed enterprise, Esmark believes in supporting a wide range of education, recreation and human services organizations that provide families with access to critical programs and humanitarian services.

Through Esmark and the James P. Bouchard Family, thousands of children, families, and at-risk groups in the Midwest and abroad have benefitted from the Bouchard family’s philanthropic endeavors. To date, more than $10 million in charitable contributions and grants have been awarded to a diverse group of children’s charities, educational institutions, recreational programs, and healthcare and human services organizations in Pennsylvania, Illinois, Indiana, Louisiana, Colorado, and the countries of Haiti and Slovakia.

From delivering more than 120,000 pounds of bottled water to victims of Hurricane Katrina to organizing a massive $6 million medical relief effort to support survivors of the earthquake in Haiti with medicines, supplies and medical teams, the Bouchard family and Esmark have been tireless supporters in building better lives for families, children and organizations needing a helping hand. In addition, Esmark and the Bouchard Family was instrumental in airlifting more than 100 Haitian orphans to safety in the United States.

Esmark’s philanthropic endeavors have also benefitted schools, recreation organizations and health care institutions in the Midwest with critical funding for a variety of children’s causes, recreation and family health programs. Esmark also provides scholarships to employees’ children through its Helen E. Bouchard – Esmark Scholars Program.

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