Florida Receives Supplies From Pittsburgh-Based Company

CBS News Pittsburgh

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Hurricane relief supplies sent by a Pittsburgh-based company have arrived in Florida at a key time.

Water was among the most important supply sent to St. Dominic’s Church in Panama City by Esmark, a Sewickley based company. Esmark sent two trucks loaded with supplies to aid in relief efforts following Hurricane Michael which directly hit the Florida panhandle.

Esmark Truck with SuppliesPhoto Courtesy of Esmark

Director of Communications for Esmark, Katie Regan, said that two trucks, one from Pittsburgh and another from Chicago, arrived in Florida with a total of 50,000 bottles of water.

The recipients of the supplies were thankful as they said supplies from the government have yet to show up.

“They said it was a gift from God because they were totally out of water and supplies and hadn’t received government supplies yet,” said Regan in a statement to KDKA-TV.