Esmark’s Economic Energy, Philanthropy, and Family Values Contribute to Pittsburgh’s Commerce, Culture, and Community

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Esmark, Inc., is a diversified, privately held portfolio of industrial companies. Esmark’s roots run deep in the steel industry, but over the years the company has diversified its interests into a number of activities in and around the industrial and commodity sectors. Esmark (formerly a publicly traded company on NASDAQ: ESMK) has focused on several key industries including steel services, oil and gas exploration, manufacturing, aviation services, real estate, technology, and youth sports and development.

Today, Esmark’s two largest business segments are steel services and oil and gas exploration and production. The company grew its network of steel service centers in Chicago and across the Midwest to become the fourth-largest American steel producer through its successful proxy takeover battle and subsequent merger with Wheeling-Pittsburgh Steel Corporation in 2005. Following its revitalization of the iconic steelmaker, it sold the company to Russia’s OAO Severstal in 2008 for $1.25 billion. After a one-year non-compete agreement that prevented Bouchard and his management team from engaging in the steel business, Esmark set out once again to create a new company that blended the best of its respective skills and backgrounds and a commitment to reach $1 billion in annual revenue.

Esmark’s key subsidiaries include:

Esmark Steel Group

Esmark Steel Group, a wholly owned subsidiary of Esmark, Inc., was formed in November 2009 to identify and pursue strategic acquisitions in the steel service center sector across the Midwest.

As one of the fastest-growing steel service–center groups in the United States, Esmark Steel Group services the metals-processing and distribution requirements for a wide range of original equipment manufacturers. Esmark Steel Group’s 2014 revenues were approximately $450 million.

Esmark Industrial Group

Formed in 2009, Esmark Industrial Group is engaged in the manufacturing of precision machining and fabrication equipment. The company manufactures and supplies parts, sub-assemblies, and materials-handling equipment to OEMs for products used in the transportation, steel, materials handling, heavy construction, and power-generation industries.

Esmark Energy

Esmark Energy, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Esmark, Inc., was formed in 2008 to make strategic investments in the exploration, development, production, and distribution of oil and natural gas properties and reserves in the United States. The company’s main activities are located in Nebraska and Oklahoma.

Esmark Realty

Esmark Realty, LLC, is a subsidiary of Esmark, Inc., and is engaged in the acquisition, development, and management of premier real estate properties, including office buildings, private clubs, commercial/industrial facilities, and other assets.

The company’s real estate portfolio is managed by professionals with decades of experience in identifying, acquiring, developing, building, and managing prime real estate properties.

In fall 2013, Esmark opened its world headquarters in Edgeworth, Pennsylvania. The three-story, 39,000-square-foot building houses the company’s management team, operations staff, and other tenants.

Esmark World Headquarters DisplayLeft: The history and evolution of Esmark and its many business and philanthropic endeavors are prominently displayed at Esmark’s world headquarters in Sewickley, Pennsylvania.

Esmark Sports & Youth Development

Esmark Sports & Youth Development, LLC, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Esmark, Inc., and is engaged in developing and supporting youth and recreation programs, childhood development, and family wellness programs across the Pittsburgh region.Esmark sponsors the FC Pittsburgh Soccer Club, which the Bouchard family founded with a $250,000 grant for youth soccer development. The family has contributed more than $300,000 toward the program. Esmark takes great pride in the baseball fields at Bouchard Family Park. The Bouchard family committed more than $1 million to the Quaker Valley Recreation Association in Sewickley, Pennsylvania, for the construction and ongoing maintenance of a sports complex and administration building that includes 14 playing fields for baseball, soccer, and lacrosse.

Esmark donated more than $500,000 to build Esmark Field at Bouchard Family Park. Esmark Field is a state-of-the-art complex and home to the Quaker Valley High School Baseball Team. Esmark Field at Bouchard Family Park supports more than 1,200 western Pennsylvania youths and their teams.

In addition, Esmark is a Premier sponsor and supporter of the Pittsburgh Esmark Stars’ National AAA Youth Hockey Team. Through its Johnstown Sports Partners subsidiary, Esmark also owns the Johnstown Tomahawks North American Hockey League (NAHL) franchise in Johnstown, Pennsylvania, as well being a proud sponsor of the Quaker Valley Youth and High School Hockey Program.

Philanthropic Endeavors

Through Esmark and the James P. and Carolyn K. Bouchard Family Foundation, thousands of children, families, and at-risk groups in the Midwest and around the world have benefitted from the Bouchard family’s philanthropic endeavors. To date, more than $5 million in charitable contributions and grants have been awarded to a diverse group of children’s organizations, educational institutions, recreational programs, and health and human services groups in Pennsylvania, Illinois, Florida, Haiti, and Slovakia. From delivering more than 120,000 pounds of bottled water to victims of Hurricane Katrina to organizing a massive $6 million medical relief effort following the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, the Bouchard family and Esmark have been tireless supporters in building better lives for families, children, and their communities.For more information, visit

Esmark World HeadquartersLeft, both photos: Esmark, Inc., opened its world headquarters in June 2013, which houses the firm’s management team, along with health care and financial services tenants.